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In August 2010, after an accident, Svetlana Bagdasaryan created her first painting. The occurrence totally changed Svetlana's way of perceiving and understanding things. Before, she had held no interest in painting and had no clue as to how to hold a brush; yet from that time on, she was seized by a need to paint. Within days of the accident she painted her first picture and since then numerous skillful artworks are being produced nonstop.Svetlana has already participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Her patrons include collectors from the U.S. as well as Western and Eastern Europe. Member of Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA)

Svetlana was featured at:



Apparel design based on Svetlana's oil paintings:



Melrose Heights Magazine Interview


An Article in Melrose Heights Magazine (pages 28-31)

A new project by Svetlana Bagdasaryan is the illustrations and publishing bilingual fairy tales. You can check out the fairy tales here:


Flowers Art